• Spring is on Its Way, Are You Ready?

February 25, 2020

Spring is just around the corner and we all know that the second it's here you will want your garden/patio to get the attention it so deserves. The hardest part is enjoying the newly nice weather with a garden that just has popped to life yet. After planting all throughout your backyard you then have to wait for all your plants to grow.

Well here at Abba Patio we want your home to be ready! The best way to do that is to start planting your garden and patio plants early. BUT if you put your fragile seeds or potted plants in the ground too early sadly the results are not something you will be happy with. The trick is to get a greenhouse! These greenhouse’s make it so your plants stay warm and keep humidity at the right level to really kick start their growing. You can start planting early in the season and even use it late into fall as well. Depending on the weather in your area you might even be able to grow year round!

Now some people use greenhouses to kick start their growing season or make it last longer and others use it all throughout the summer. This can speed up your plant growth so you have a full garden to feast from all summer long. Greenhouses can also protect your plant babies from predators. There will still be small pests flying around but the bigger the pest the less likely it will be able to get into the greenhouse to eat away at your plants. So now you know what good a greenhouse does but let us tell you something else that's good. Abba Patio has our Mini Walk-in Greenhouse on sale right now! Originally $89.99 this greenhouse is now $69.99. But act fast before they sell out!

So bottom line, it's time to get your garden started so when spring comes in full swing you can wow your guests with your amazing yard.

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