• Abba Patio’s Hanging Swing Hammock with Mosquito Net

April 07, 2020

Looking for a great piece to give yourself some ‘me time’? A place to relax and enjoy nature around you? Well it sounds like you want Abba Patio’s Hanging Swing Hammock with Mosquito netting! With a durable swinging hammock you can take a break from your busy life to just unwind in the backyard. Even if you're stuck at home it is perfect for a little get away from the family. Built for comfort, style and functionality this swing is perfect for any yard.

With the built in netting you won't have to worry about any pestering bugs while you relax and still get a nice breeze through the netting. 

Love to nap when it rains? This hammock is perfect for that as well! The top cover keeps the hammock below safe from rain and sun. So you can relax, rain or shine. Give it a go for your young ones when it's nap time to give them some much needed fresh air while they sleep. Or nap together as this Hammocks weight limit is 300 pounds. Made so you and your loved ones can enjoy a relaxing time outside.

Abba Patio wants all their customers to enjoy the outside as much as possible and it is important to us to know how you love our products! Tag us on Instagram to show us how you are using your Abba Patio’s Hanging Swing Hammock !

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