Propane Camping Stove Outdoor 20,000 BTUs Portable Camping Stove with 2 Burners

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Brand Coastrail Outdoor
Fuel Type Propane
Material Painted steel, Stainless Steel
Power Source Gas Powered


The Coastrail Outdoor camping 2 burners stove offers two-turn simmer control for high-precision flame adjustment and two propane burners deliver 20000 total BTUs of cooking power that goes from a light simmer to a fast boil. Easy to Set up, easy to clean, and a pleasure to cook on. So easy to use you will love it for cookouts, tailgating, beach BBQ, and even as a backup solution if the power goes out.

  • Wide Wind Guards: The propane camping stove have three windshields. So you can continue cooking without any disruption whatsoever.
  • Powerful Stove: 20000 BTUs (2 x 10000 Each Burner) of cooking power.
  • Ultra-Reliable Electric ignition: No need for matches or a lighter, but you can still use those just in case.
  • Easy to Carry: A widened bolt keeps the lid safe during transportation, and an opening in the bottom of the stove acts as a handle for easy portability.
  • Easy to Clean: The portable grill with gas stove burner has a stainless steel drip tray. After you finish cooking, all you need to do is remove the grate for a quick cleanup.

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