Summer Party Essentials

Throwing a summer party? But you don’t want to spend hours planning and setting up for it? Completely understandable, who has the time? There are a couple of must haves at any summer party, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. 

The best types of outdoor parties have vibrant colors, outdoors games and of course food and drinks. But that can all be a lot of unnecessary work, so let's focus on the must haves to host without your bending over backward. 

Last Call for Food

Inform people when the food will be served. Be sure to send out an invite telling people exactly when food will be cooked. No one wants to have to reheat or turn the grill back on to grill food for those who show up late.


Grab a canopy, table and chairs. Believe it or not you’ll want shade, even though this is an outdoor party you are going to want something up in case the sun is too hot or if it rains. Canopies are also perfect to just be able to relax in the shade, relax and eat. You can find the perfect canopy at Abba Patio. 


Next think about what will transpire when the sun goes down. Your guests may not want to just sit in the dark. Lighting is an easy fix, you can have an umbrella with solar lights on it, or simply string lights around your backyard. It will add sparkle to your party. 


Thirdly, guard your guests from mosquitoes. Those pesky little bugs could take the spotlight of your party, which is no good. Remember to buy citronella candles and have bug spray in order to keep those little guys away and keep your party going. 

Drinks and Food (Yum!)

Another important aspect to any party is of course the beverages! For a successful party, you should have a selection of both kid friendly and adult beverages. Keep them cool in coolers with lots of ice. If you are feeling particularly creative,  you could even come up with a signature drink!

If you are going to have drinks you should definitely have some sort of food as well. Finger food is always a plus, vegetables, fruit, crackers and cheese, the simple things. The main course can be simple too. Just fire up the grill and put some burgers, hot dogs and chicken on. Simple and delicious. 

 Music!! (La La La La)

Lastly, but certainly not least a party is not complete without music. Pick something that will be the background music to your party. Pick the genre wisely, you will have to know your crowd. 

Throwing a party doesn’t have to be rocket science make it as easy as you can on yourself, it is after all a party. Try to spend less time worrying that everything's in place and more time enjoying yourself. Be safe, be resourceful but most of all have fun :)

-Abba Patio

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