Some Tricks to Keeping Your Patio Cooler in This Summer Heat

So you just got your new Abba Patio chairs and umbrella but it’s too hot outside to enjoy it. What do you do? Well here are a few tricks to help cool down that patio area. 

So the first trick is the most important. Shade! Luckily for you with the Abba Patio umbrella you got that step is completed. If you need even more shade it’s always good to set up your patio by some trees or by the house to catch some of the shade. Location is everything, like with most things, pick a place that works best and move on from there.

Second trick is to get some fans. They could be fancy ceiling fans if the space allows it or they can just be simple box fans. Getting the air moving will cool you and your guests down a great deal while enjoying the outdoors. There are also some fans that act kind of like air conditioning for the patio as well, there are so many to pick from you just have to find the right one for you and your patio.

The next trick kind of goes off the last one, mist it out. Set up a misting station or get a fan that mists as it goes. Once water is on the human body it cools down very quickly and efficiently.  This one is tricky because most people don’t necessarily want to be sprayed by water every now and again but it is a great way to keep your body temperature down.

Onto the last trick, most patios are on concrete and while this isn’t necessarily an issue, concrete does soak up the heat quickly and holds onto it all day long, sometimes making it impossible to be barefoot on it. A quick fix is to paint the concrete, I know it sounds a little odd but painting a layer of light color paint over the concrete will lessen the heat. Light colors don’t absorb heat like dark colors and paint won’t take as much heat as concrete does. 

If you don’t want to paint your patio don’t worry the easy way to go about that is just covering it up with a rug. Find a fancy rug that goes with your patio theme and lay it down where you walk most. Like painting the patio it won’t absorb as much heat and wont burn the bottom of your feet. Plus a rug to your patio really pulls it to another level.

So now you are ready to enjoy the warm weather without getting too hot on your patio.

-Abba Patio

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