• Small Space? No Problem

May 18, 2020

At Abba Patio we realize that not everyone has a giant backyard in which they can turn into a huge vacation spot. But there are ways to transform even the smallest of spaces into a luxurious looking space.

The key is to pick a focal point. Instead of having the small space be what you first see pick a vibrant “centerpiece” if you will. It will help create the illusion that your space is larger. Your focal point will be the point in which all other furniture are built around. A great focal point can be a vibrant umbrella/solar umbrella or even a colorful rug. Anything to grab the attention of you and your guests.

To better organize your backyard, you need to think about placing all your items in accordance to your focal point. For example, if you have longer furniture pieces put them against that longer walls and vice versa with shorter pieces. Then simply add accessories such as a table, rug, pillows and other small items to fill out your patio space.

The third important aspect of a patio to remember when you are working with a smaller space is color. Darker colors tend to make your space appear even smaller. Be sure to choose an appropriate color to make your patio pop.

The key to a great patio is placement. While you may not have a giant backyard, you can make the most out of your space in order to give you the look that you want. Play around with different symmetrical and asymmetrical looks in order to achieve the best look for your area. Once you complete your long-awaited patio, sit back and enjoy your piece of mind.

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