Light Up Your Patio

So you’ve created your zones, purchased brand new wicker furniture, re-stained the deck and have been preparing your garden for this backyard party. The party is great, its 70 degrees outside, and everyone is enjoying drinks and food under your canopy and Cantilever Umbrella.

But the sun is going down, and so the party begins to move inside. Who says that needs to happen? Add life to your patio at night by adding outdoor lights around the patio!

LED Solar Power Lights:

Adding a little sparkle to your umbrella is always a plus. These LED Solar Power lights will put a spotlight on your outdoor festivities. There is an on/off switch hidden on one of the ribs. Simply, switch it on and enjoy the light at night!!

String Lights

Solar String Lights are perfect to highlight aspects of your patio. Be sure to put the solar stake into the ground that will receive good sunlight. Once it is charged up, enjoy your newly lighted patio. You can hang string lights around the yard and/or drape them along your fence to add a sense of magic to your outdoors. Another great use for patio lights is to draw attention to paths or zones with solar lights. It will make your favorite backyard features literally light up!

Be sure to use sealed protectors to keep your wiring safe. Also if you are using any lights that are required to be plugged in because make sure you have a weatherproof receptacle that covers the power strip.Please remember that all of your lighting should be outdoor lights. Lighting that is not made for the outdoors and encounter rain, dampness or extreme weather will be damaged or cause damage.

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11 Feet Market Umbrella With Push Button Tilt And Crank, 8 Ribs
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