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June 16, 2020

Imagine relaxing and reading a book in your favorite lounge chair with the warm summer breeze rustling the bush near you. It is a little past noon and the sun has now shifted from behind you to In front of your face. Luckily with the use of your Abba Patio umbrella you can use the convenient tilt and easy crank to adjust your shade wherever you need it.

   An Abba Patio Push Button Tilt Umbrella is a great solution to your hot patio. With the push of button your can re position your umbrella to best suit the needs of your patio. All our umbrellas come in multiple sizes and colors, so the best fit for your patio is out there.

   Whether you are searching for an umbrella to properly shade your patio area, pool, outside dining area Abba Patio has a solution for you. The Easy Crank function will allow anyone who uses it easy maneuverability to open and close the umbrella.

   A personal favorite is the 7 ½ ft. Round Outdoor Market Patio with Push Button Tilt and Crank Lift. This is a simple umbrella but very versatile in the patio world. Pick your favorite color and spice up your outdoors.

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