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October 22, 2019

Summer is over now, and fall has begun to fully unfold. Just because your days of basking in the hot sun are over does not mean your porch life has to end. The sun is no longer going to be able to warm, so you will have to bring warmth in other ways to your porch. You’ve pretty much packed up your patio by now except for a couple of chairs and the firepit. The flowers are all tucked away in your greenhouse keeping them safe from the upcoming months.  

   A great way to warm up your porch is with fall lights. While this won’t physically keep you warm it will add color and light to your home. For those of you celebrating Halloween add some string lights to your pumpkins and porch. Make Halloween glamorous. Or add these lights around your house strategically to make your spooky decorations stand out even during the night.

   However even if you do not celebrate Halloween the lights are a great way to light up your patio. Enjoy cooler fall nights outside by your patio. Imagine sitting around a warm fire with your backyard paradise all lit up. Lights can remind you that patios are all year round and not just a summertime experience.

   Now is also the best time of the season. Abba Patio is having their End of Season Sale. Find all your patio favorites for the remainder of this year and be a head of the game for next year! Don’t worry its not a trick! Only treats here!

-Abba Patio

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