ABBA ECO 33 Gallon Outdoor Lawn & Leaf Trash Garbage Bag, Black, Qty: 50 count

ABBA ECO 33 Gallon Outdoor Lawn & Leaf Trash Garbage Bag, Black, Qty: 50 count

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33 gallon trash bags: Size:33.5 x 33.8 inch, 2 rolls, 50 count

HANDLE-TIE BAG: Built-in handles make trash collection and transport more convenient. Easy to lift and carry so you can transport even the fullest bag with ease. Made strong and sturdy for avoiding messy broken bags and frustrating clean up.

DRAWSTRING TRASH BAG: The durable drawstring ensures a tight grip on trash cans and prevents bag from falling into the can. Simple removal with a quick cinch of the drawstring

ODOR CONTROL: Keep bacterial odors out of the air and unsanitary waste contained in the bag with the safe and durable handle-tie closure

STRONG & DURABLE: Reliable bag designed with superior puncture resistance prevents rips and tears, allows bag to stretch throughout and contain more bulk to handle the heaviest of loads.

VERSATILE TIME-SAVER: These strong, heavy-duty low density bags are ideal for extra large  cans or big clean-up jobs throughout the home, yard and garage. Also great for seasonal storage, post-party clean up, moving or transporting donations.

Easy-tie closure, white, unscented. From lining trash cans to disposing of dirty diapers, a perfect solution. Use in office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, car, and auto road trips.

ABBA ECO was borne from a vision…Continue the legacy of delighting customers with products of outstanding quality and lead with innovative, eco-solutions for the health and well-being of our planet, Earth. As a commitment to environmental sustainability, we are proud to announce the existence of a vertically integrated, state-of-the-art recycling center at our manufacturing facility. 100% post-consumer recycled, single-use plastics such as milk and detergent jugs are gathered, sorted, cleaned, processed and repurposed into renewable raw material, to be used in the closed-loop manufacturing of ABBA ECO products. ABBA ECO… Live Life Sustainably.

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